TAMIYA Rc First Try Rc Kit Tt-02B Plasma Edge Ii Purple/Green

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Rc First Try Rc Kit Tt-02B

  1. Description

    This R/C product is a great option for R/C beginners! The kit pairs the First Try kit version of the TT-02B off-road chassis, with a flashy painted Plasma Edge II body from Item 47454. Hobbyists can still enjoy the informative and rewarding process of building a Tamiya chassis, but with some of the trickier sections pre-assembled.

    The TT-02B is a highly adaptable and beginner-friendly chassis itself, with 4-wheel double wishbone suspension and shaft-driven 4WD giving great performance on, and off-road.

    Shaft-Driven 4WD TT-02B
    The shaft-driven 4WD TT-02B buggy chassis uses a skid-shaped frame. Its suspension setup uses 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension with long arms, plus CVA shock units, giving the car assured handling, while left and right suspension arms and uprights are identical to facilitate hassle-free assembly. Front and rear gearboxes include 4-bevel differentials for smooth operation, and are sealed to ensure that dust can't get inside. The top can be removed simply by loosening four screws, making maintenance a breeze. Four different gear ratios can be applied with the use of three separately-sold types of pinion gears, allowing you to match the characteristics of your car setup to the conditions at any given time. Of course, this off-road chassis also includes receiver case and motor cover to protect them from dirt and debris thrown up off of the track.

    Pre-Assembled Components
    1. Lower deck & gearboxes (the latter are taped shut and require screw attachment)
    2. Motor & mount
    3. Rear upper arms
    4. Front bumper & lower arms
    5. Dampers
    6. Front upper arms
    7. Motor cover
    8. Uprights
    9. Wheels & Tires

    • 1/10 scale semi-assembled R/C kit. Length: 370mm, width: 250mm, height: 160mm.
    • Attach pre-assembled sections, then, assemble other areas to complete the chassis!
    • The TT-02B gives efficient shaft-driven 4WD and great performance on a range of surfaces.
    • Long suspension arms and CVA oil dampers provide a smooth ride, with square spike tires providing great grip.
    • The polycarbonate Plasma-Edge II buggy body is included. It comes pre-cut and painted in our special iridescent purple/green (Tamiya PS-46). Stickers are supplied for decoration, and require application.
    • Includes: TBLE-04S ESC
    • Requires: 2-channel radio, steering servo, 7.2volt battery with compatible charger.


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